Thursday, 25 February 2016

Take a Photo from Android Camera and Upload via Base64 :-)

Most of android applications allow you to click image and upload to web. In this post I can explain you how to create application in android which access your mobile camera, click image and upload to server.

This post is very help full for those who are new to android and need to upload image to server.

Service to access web-service data using Rest-full service call

Features of a REST-full Services

Every system uses resources. These resources can be pictures, video files, Web pages, business information, or anything that can be represented in a computer-based system. The purpose of a service is to provide a window to its clients so that they can access these resources. Service architects and developers want this service to be easy to implement, maintainable, extensible, and scalable. A RESTful design promises that and more. In general, RESTful services should have following properties and features,

  • Representations
  • Messages
  • URIs
  • Uniform interface
  • Stateless
  • Links between resources
  • Caching

Set up android project with Open CV

Open CV is an open sourced computer vision library. It is a machine learning software library used for image processing and...